5 French companies using IoT

Dagmara Czarnota, 18 November 2020

IoT companies

The abbreviation IoT stands for the Internet of Things. In fact, the term refers to data collection, analysis, and transmission via a variety of devices. In other words, IoT defines a set or system of electronic devices that communicate with each other and exchange information without human intervention. The user can supervise or control their work only via the Internet and the specialized application.

Currently, IoT solutions can be seen in almost every context and aspect of human life. No wonder startups increasingly decide to build a business that leverages this concept. France is one of the European countries with many enterprises established using these new technologies. Below we present 5 interesting French companies implementing IoT.


Sigfox is the world’s first operator of a global wireless network. The company was founded in 2010 in France, and now has branches in Spain, the United States, and Australia. Sigfox builds wireless networks for perpetually networked devices sending small amounts of data. Such devices include, for example, smartwatches and electronic counters. The main advantage of the company is that its communication solution comes in the form of software that enables the implementation and management of computing processes directly in the network, and not in the single devices, themselves. The company provides a compact and optimized protocol that results in energy and cost savings.

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Kineis is a French private satellite operator that offers innovative global connectivity for the IoT domain. Thanks to satellite communication, it is possible to reduce device operating costs. Despite the fact that the company has only been on the market for 2 years, it already plays a significant role in the satellite solutions sector. The company intends to build a constellation of 20 nanosatellites designed specifically to implement IoT conventions. As a result, the data transfer process will be more resistant to interference and the devices will be able to transfer data from anywhere in the world. The solution is to be ready in 2021.

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Actility is a provider of LoRaWAN and 3GPP infrastructure for IoT and M2M network connectivity management. The company was founded in 2010 in France. One of the company’s offers includes the ThingPark platform, which enables scaling of LPWA networks, as well as other interoperable applications and IoT services. Additionally, ThingPark has solutions that help manage the core network and supervise connectivity to the LPWA network.

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BioSerenity is a French company that devises special clothes equipped with biometric sensors that monitor human vital signs. Sensors collect data, which are next sent to the mobile application. Then, the initial data analysis is run by artificial intelligence enabling automatic detection of digital biomarkers. Finally, the information about the results is sent in a cloud to the doctor. In the case of some abnormality, the doctor can directly contact the patient.

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Dreem company created a product that helps to improve the quality of sleep. The device named Rythmes tracks and analyzes the process of sleep. Such a product has the form of a ring with a built-in EKG sensor that monitors brain activity during various stages of sleep. The data collected by the sensor are sent to the mobile application. Then, the process of visualization and analysis is performed. This solution also uses non-invasive stimulation technology. It affects the user’s brain through delicate sounds, allowing a person to stay longer in the deep sleep phase or to wake up at an optimal time.

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More and more companies from all around the world use IoT solutions. In ImpiCode we also work with such systems. If you are curious about what France, technology, and ImpiCode have in common, check out the event French Touch 2020. ImpiCode is the Exclusive Technology Partner of French Touch 2020.

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