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Outsourced Programming

Create an external programming department with our tried na tested team.

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Dedicated software for business

Delegate the design, implementation and tests of new system to us.

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IT systems integration

Integrate IT systems in your company.

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SLA and development

Maintenance and development of systems created by other provides.


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Web applications

High safety standards, exceptional speed of operation.

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Mobile applications

Stand-alone mobile apps as well as terminals for business systems.

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IoT systems

Automatic message delivery to management and analytical systems.

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Desktop applications

Comprehensive and functional desktop applications tailored to customers needs.


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Business solutions for your company.

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Creating and maintaining applications.

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React Native

Cross-platform mobile applications


Creating applications based on event-driven programming.

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Complex applications (one-page app) running on the browser side.

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Creating, developing, and maintaining Java software.

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Development of web application in various PHP frameworks.

Django logo impicode


Development of safe and scalable web applications.

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Other technologies

Creation and implementation of projects in other technologies.

If you haven't found the technology that interests you the most or you need a different solution - write to us via the contact form. We will be able to suggest a solution that will satisfy you.