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Body leasing

Body leasing is a great way to quickly acquire human resources in IT without creating or extending the company structure.

Hiring programmers from a professional body leasing provider affords the business instant access to better specialists without recruitment costs. Furthermore, developers are contracted only for the time they're needed. The professional body leasing company will happily replace one programmer with another; if the technologies in use changes.

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NowaLed ILL

Industrial light management system

"They were well organized and provided detailed reporting on each stage of the work."

~Szymon Duch
Technical Engineer
NowaLed ILL Sp. z o.o.

Our Clients

Advantages of body leasing


Quick start

Give us the green light and we'll start working within 2 weeks.

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Wide scope of competences

We adjust the team to project needs - Ruby, .Net, Java, Javascript, Python, React Native, Node.js, Angular, Perl, Visual Basic, Golang, C++ or C# are like a walk in the park for us.

Better fitness

Complex service

We not only code, we also provide consulting services, UX/UI projects, maintaining (SLA), servers, and hosting. At any time we can expand the leased team with specialists in additional technologies.


Difficult projects

We get through where the other teams have failed. Your problems are our challenges.


Work continuity

We fill in for missing team members in random situations and constantly attend to the distribution of knowledge throughout the engagement. And we also take on the costs of training new team members.


Flexible programme contract

The contract allows the client to place orders. The client specifies only the hours and order duration.

Body leasing – how we do it at ImpiCode

The process

  1. We sign a programme contract that allows placing orders for developers.
  2. The client specifies the scope and time covered by the order (for longer periods discounts are available).
  3. We assign a project manager who engages in the project and coordinates the work.
  4. The manager configures a team that can satisfy current needs.
  5. During our collaboration we can flexibly adjust the composition and size of the team to synchronize with changing needs.
  6. At the end of each month, we send a detailed hourly statement of completed work.

The assessment

  • type of project,
  • range of technologies,
  • time covered by order,
  • the scale of demand.

If you want to find out more about body leasing or need a similar solution – write to us via the contact form.

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