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Are you looking for a nearshoring destination in Europe with a great location, competitive prices, and highly qualified IT services? If so, Poland is one of the best choices. ImpiCode cooperates with companies from European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. That is why we understand business operations and the work culture in Western European countries.


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Some benefits of nearshoring to Poland

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Qualified developers

Poland is known as a hub of IT professionals in Europe.

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Lower cost

The cost of developing an IT product in Poland is significantly lower in comparison to Western European countries.


Effective cooperation

Proximity reduces cultural discrepancies and barriers and improves the effectiveness of cooperation.

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Easy communication

Poland is in the same time zone as most European countries.

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ImpiCode managed the project well, adhering to the budget and taking scope changes in stride. The responsive and patient team provided actionable suggestions. Management and executives were communicative and readily available.

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What is nearshoring?

Nearshoring is a type of outsourcing involving the transfer of business operations to another company located in a nearby country in the same or almost the same time zone with similar cultural features. In the case of the Western European countries, popular nearshoring destinations are Central and Eastern European countries. Many companies based in Germany, Scandinavia, France, or the United Kingdom outsource to Poland. 

Nearshoring includes various types of services such as professional services, manufacturing, operational, project, and IT. Nowadays, nearshoring IT services are the most common type of nearshoring because almost every type of business has IT needs. Using this model, companies hire dev teams from another geographic location, which is relatively close to their countries. Proximity ensures lots of benefits including similar work ethics. Additionally, it’s much easier to organize client meetings with the dev team when both sides are in the same time zone. 

Why is it worth nearshoring software development services to Poland?

Polish software development companies are great nearshoring business partners. They provide top-end solutions created in advanced technologies and work in a stable environment that is resistant to disruptions and crises. Below are some facts and statistics about Poland which may encourage you to choose this country as your nearshoring destination.

Growing IT-outsourcing services market in Poland

The value of the IT-outsourcing services market in Poland is increasing each year. This means that more and more companies decide to outsource to Poland. In 2020, the turnover of this market was estimated at USD 2 255.05 million. 


Business in Poland is financially rewarding

Poland is a leader in attracting investors. Poland was ranked third in the world’s best countries to invest in and do business with in 2020, according to the CEOWORLD magazine. The study analyzed 80 countries and took into account factors such as investor protection, market potential, infrastructure, taxes, technological readiness, and workforce.

Poles are fluent in English

According to the EF English Proficiency Index in 2020, out of 100 of the world’s largest countries and regions ranked by English skills, Poland ranks 16th.

Stable economy

The Polish economy is resistant to crises. During the pandemic in 2020 Poland, the Polish economy recorded the 4th lowest decrease in GDP in Europe. The strength and resilience of the Polish economy can be attributed to its large domestic market and an effective internal and foreign policy.  

Polish developers are among the best in Europe

According to SkillValue 2019, Poland ranks fourth in Europe in terms of developers.

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What business processes are typically nearshored?

Small and medium-sized businesses are more likely to use nearshoring services. Currently, approximately one-third of small businesses nearshore business processes. Many companies nearshore IT services, accounting, administrative tasks, and others. 

Administrative services

Nearshoring administrative services eliminate monotonous tasks, such as organizing files, preparing letters and emails, scheduling, completing reference checks, and other repetitive tasks. Companies nearshore their administrative work because they want to focus on really important activities such as implementing new strategies. This way, businesses don’t spend their resources and time on paperwork. 


An effective marketing strategy is a key factor for every company. Marketing helps to build and sustain a brand's reputation. It also contributes to the growth of a company by increasing sales and engaging customers. Marketing firms provide services including copywriting, website development, strategic communications, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and blogging. Specialists write interesting content and create engaging posts that improve marketing efforts. 

Customer service

Customer service is a key aspect of any business. Friendly and quick customer service can increase sales and prevent the loss of customers. Many companies nearshore their customer service to an external call center. Call centers provide services including phone answering, email support, and chat support. Multilingual support can improve communication with non-resident clients.

IT services

The major areas of nearshoring IT services are software and mobile applications development and maintenance. Due to many benefits offered by the transfer of IT services to another country with lower costs and experienced specialists, software development and maintenance nearshoring has been significantly popular among companies in recent years. A professional nearshoring software development partner provides products tailored to the client’s needs.

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When is nearshoring the right choice?

Many studies have shown that nearshoring is becoming increasingly popular. According to a KPMG analysis, Poland is one of the best IT nearshoring destinations for European countries. Undoubtedly, entrusting certain business operations to nearshore locations has many benefits. 

If you want to focus on key business processes and speed up the work on a project, nearshoring may be the best choice for you. Thanks to this, you won’t waste your employers' time and energy on performing tasks unrelated to the company’s main activities. Also, nearshoring is a good solution when you cannot increase workforce duties and you don't want to conduct a recruitment process. 

Many businesses choose nearshoring services because of problems with the recruitment of experienced employees. This often happens in the IT industry. For example, a company uses an IT system that has been written in old technology and has difficulties finding specialists experienced in this technology. Therefore, such a business tries to find a software development company with developers experienced in this field. 

Nearshoring services is a good choice for companies with a limited budget and time. When your IT project has delays and you need technical support immediately, it is wise to use a software development company’s services rather than waste time on recruiting new developers. Finding highly-qualified specialists can be sometimes problematic. It is really difficult to find IT professionals because they usually have a satisfying job and don’t want to change it. Additionally, hiring IT specialists involves high costs of remuneration and additional benefits. Nearshoring providers are undeniably cheaper solutions in comparison with in-house teams. Thanks to nearshoring services, companies can save time and money that can be allocated to other operations. 

How to choose the right nearshoring provider?

Nearshoring partnerships are sometimes established for a very long time. That is why it is so important to choose the right partner because a profitable partnership is rewarding. The right nearshoring partner will provide support both in technical and business issues. There are a number of factors that should be considered when choosing a nearshoring provider. Below are some general recommendations that might be helpful when choosing a nearshoring provider.

Find nearshoring provider who has worked with international companies

It is recommended to choose a nearshoring provider which cooperates with foreign companies and has experience in implementing international projects. Such a partner will better understand your needs and labor standards. 

Look through the provider’s portfolio

It is important to choose a provider who has deployed a lot of projects. Cooperation with an experienced software development company will be smooth and successful, as such a company better understands its clients' needs. Many companies list their clients and completed projects on their websites. The best choice may be a provider who has completed similar projects to yours. Also, if you are looking for an IT nearshoring provider, it is good to check their tech stack.

Check reviews

Clients’ reviews shape the company’s reputation. Remember to read some reviews of potential nearshoring providers. This will help avoid cooperating with a company which doesn’t comply with the terms of the contract. There are many review sites (such as Clutch) where clients can rate the company with which they have worked and describe the project in detail.

Make sure the communication is effective and consistent

Efficient communication can boost a project's success. Nearshoring providers often use the same communication and management tools as their clients. Before starting a partnership, find out how providers communicate with clients. It is crucial to have a partner who quickly responds to emails and answers phone calls. 

Check the legal formalities

Before starting cooperation with a new provider, make sure that your data and trade secrets will be safe. It is necessary to find out which basic policies and procedures for data safety and IP protection are used by the company. All businesses operating in countries that are members of the European Union are required to comply with regulations protecting EU citizens’ personal data. 

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