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At ImpiCode we do not only program but also provide software development and business consulting. If you need to make some decisions about software development or its modernization and need some clues how to handle it, contact us. Whether you need support in designing the system’s architecture, solving performance problems, or considering rewriting the old program with new technologies, ImpiCode can provide professional advice, an audit of design documents or code, and an independent opinion.


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Our expertise is demonstrated in the following areas

searching for bugs

Debugging difficult and unusual errors in applications

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Competence tests for developers

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CI/CD configuration

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Audit of source codes and IT infrastructure

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Optimization (acceleration of operation) of programs and databases


Consulting in the case of planning software architecture


Audit of software and IT infrastructure during company acquisition

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Selection of technology for IT systems

With the development of software, each company faces many problems that go considerably beyond ​​management competencies. In a fast-developing structure, it is impossible to not come across, sooner or later, quite complex issues related to software development. Organizations always endeavor to create or purchase software that can potentially improve their work or help offer their customers better, more comprehensive services. Our experts willingly share their experience and present the benefits and risks associated with the implementation of various types of IT solutions. We advise at the stage of analysis, software cost estimation, and even earlier - at the Proof of Concept stage of verifying the idea itself. We also help in diagnosing problems in systems, and in resolving conflicts with suppliers of IT services and products.

Taking over from the previous suppliers of systems and IT infrastructure, along with the acquisition of a company is another type of technological challenge. Fortunately, at ImpiCode, we have a lot of experience with such services. After the acquisition of a company with its own IT infrastructure, it is wise to ask for advice from specialists. Such experts will advise on what to do in order to minimize the costs of the challenges of changing the provider of the system. As a result, improved solutions will provide company benefits.

Software development consulting at ImpiCode means providing our clients with an expert, who will be a CTO in their company for a while. Therefore, with a small hourly commitment, they receive our help in which we set the direction of technological changes and advise the company in decision-making processes about the selection of software and specific solutions.

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They not only have vast industry knowledge but are also willing to share it, which has supplemented an ongoing partnership. The team communicates well.

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What is software development consulting?

As a result of the increasing value of technology in business, experienced programmers entered the consulting industry. Software development consulting means providing expert technical knowledge to external companies that do not specialize in the IT industry but use IT solutions essentially in their company’s mission critical operations. These companies can acquire the necessary information that contributes to making the right business decisions.

Experts share their opinions and experience with their clients in various areas.  First of all, they help to select tools and technologies that are better for specific projects and explain why such a solution may turn out to be the most effective in bringing the company the most benefits.

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The most important tasks of software development consultants

Below there are listed and described some of the most important tasks of software development consultants

Consultancy in technology selection

It happens quite often that companies and entrepreneurs who need a new system or application have a big problem with the selection of appropriate technology. Clients know which functionalities their solution should implement, but they do not always know which technologies will enable them to achieve their goals and meet their expectations. Consultants strive to match the technology to specified needs and other client requirements.

Design documentation analysis

Design documentation is the foundation of every IT solution, which is why it is so important to develop it accurately and in detail. Software development consultants analyzing project documentation, verify its correctness and completeness.

Consulting on the acquisition of a company

After the copartnership takeover, IT directors may have doubts about the condition of the acquired company's software and the broadly understood IT infrastructure. Sometimes it happens that they used solutions written in technologies unknown to the team or even created in antiquated technologies. IT managers may have problems with making the right decision and do not know whether it will be more profitable to maintain a legacy system or migrate to newer technology. Software development consultants check whether the software uses technologies and libraries that are still supported and, after all, they offer the client the most effective solutions.

IT service quality audit

Without knowing the IT industry, it’s difficult to verify the quality and completeness of an IT solution. Doubts about the skills and knowledge of an IT solution provider shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s wise to reach out for the IT audit services. Such experts evaluate the quality of the provided IT solutions and check the completeness of the source code. 

Debugging hard-to-identify errors

The company should look for software development consultants when struggling with difficult problems about which they lack knowledge. Inability to identify the difficulties and how to solve them should lead such a company to contact consultants who can.

Software update

A software update means making certain changes to repair or improve the software. However, the process of updating all of an enterprise’s software is a very time consuming and expensive proposition. Software development consultants will advise whether it is worthwhile and how to update the software in the most effective way. They can also assess whether it is worth using a different technological solution that achieves the same objectives as the software update.

Other tasks

The range of services of software development consultants is very wide and it is impossible to list all their tasks. Tasks may include monitoring the program status on the server and the assessment of the application's feasibility. In addition, such experts also use their knowledge in the field of database optimization and configuration.

Why invest in software development consulting?

There are many reasons why it’s wise to use software development consulting. Below are the most important ones.

Solid and varied experience

Consultants have extensive professional experience in designing various solutions for different industries. As a result, such companies are able to offer customers IT solutions tailored to their needs. Software development consulting companies find not only one right solution. A provider discusses with the client to fully understand its needs and conditions. A good consultant presents and talks through the advantages and disadvantages of several possible solutions and helps the client independently and as an advisor to find the one that works best in a particular case.

Specialist knowledge 

It’s really hard to make the right business decision about software or implementation of new technology without in-depth IT knowledge and broad IT context. We can’t make key decisions without prior research but, unfortunately, not everyone has the time and willingness to broaden their knowledge in the IT arena. Despite the Internet being a source of answers for all questions, extracting valuable content from it often requires a lot of effort and, without professional knowledge, this invites a risk of mistakes. In brief, trying to research an unknown topic can be very difficult, time-consuming, and does not always bring the expected results.

The problem can be solved with the help of consultants with extensive and systematic knowledge of various IT fields. Experts not only advise the client on the selection of appropriate IT tools but also recommend proven sources, thanks to which the client will deepen his knowledge about specific technologies.

It is worth mentioning that software development consulting services are often used also by companies that already have their own IT department. Internal IT departments are mainly focused on technologies used in the company, and that’s why when it comes to introducing alternative or newer ‘cutting edge’ technologies, there is always the need to widely and objectively study their ever attendant challenges. What is more, there are often situations where there is a need to use new and unknown technologies. In such cases, it pays to use the services of software development consultants who have experience in the given field. 

Money and time savings

Money and time savings are one of the most important advantages of software development consulting for clients. Thanks to qualified and professional experts, clients can quickly implement the right IT solutions tailored to their business and which significantly contribute to the development and improvement of the company's operations. Unfortunately, sometimes clients without prior consultation waste money and time trying to find the right solutions, and even sometimes they also bear the cost of miscalculated choices. Software development consulting services can help to avoid this kind of problem. 

Fresh view

It pays to use software development consulting services when struggling with long-term challenges and obstacles. Many companies make measured incremental changes and think that it will be enough, but they don’t see the real problem. Sometimes it is like plugging a hole in a sinking ship with a finger. An experienced consultant looks at the problem exoboxically... from a different perspective. This helps to find a solution to the problem that the client would never have thought of on its own.

Objective consultancy

Companies look for software development consulting before making any changes and implementing new technologies. In this way, they have an opportunity to get the advice of third parties who aren’t related to the company, and their goal is to provide the most accurate advice on choosing a specific solution tailored to the company's needs. Employees of the internal IT department and IT managers often are driven by factors other than the good will of the company when it comes to choosing a proper technological solution. Mostly such factors include a reluctance to go beyond the ‘safe zone’ of ​​a few specific technologies to which IT employees are attached, due to various reasons. And although keeping the company's technological stack at a constant level is usually justified, there are often situations in which the benefits of introducing a new solution outweigh any possible inconveniences. Choosing software development consulting services provides the assurance that the right choice of IT solution is made.

When does it pay to use software development consulting?

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Along with company development, the demand for new IT solutions improving some processes is increasing. Consultants strive to help to choose the right software and advise on the best way to extend the abilities of pre-existing systems, for example when a company is expanding or creating additional services for its clients. Software development consultants recommend tools suitable for the introduction of new services.

It is wise to use software development consulting at every stage of business, starting with establishing a company, especially when it is, itself, based on technology. Experts help novice entrepreneurs not only to verify their business idea but also to choose the proper solutions necessary to run and operate the company.

Is it possible to improve the work of your dev team? Do you want advice on whether the competencies and technology stack of your people are well-tailored to the challenges you undertake in your company? Or maybe you are at the stage of developing those competencies that the team you intend to create should have? Write to us. Our consultants will be happy to discuss your challenges. Together, we will develop the technological and competence profiles of your future employees.

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