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Creating web applications

Web or desktop application?
Nowadays, there is a tendency to migrate many desktop apps to the web. This is particularly visible in the business systems market.

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Web applications, once created, can be used on any system. After relatively small modifications, they can be used on most mobile devices, which is a great advantage today.

It is known that desktop/native applications have access to advanced functions of the operating system, but with the abilities of today’s browsers, desktop apps not present too much of an advantage, especially when it comes to business apps. Programmers who maintain web apps have an easier task with ensuring security and stability because they are able to update applications on a server independent of the users' computers. They can schedule it at a convenient time and also have full-time access. Many issues stemming from maintaining a desktop app, such as updating the app on every computer or risking that the users will continue using old versions containing e.g. security vulnerabilities, are nonexistent. On the other hand, while creating web applications, one usually incurs the cost of ensuring compatibility across different browsers and their versions.

Ultimately, the decision whether to build a desktop or a web application should be made in each case individually. Still, in the case of business apps the best option is the web.

Web applications

A web app is a computer program that operates on a server and communicates with the user's computer through the Internet using the user’s web browser. In this configuration the user's browser is an interactive client of the web application.

Web applications allow users to connect to the server through the browser. There are various examples of different categories of applications developed by ImpiCode.

Some of these are:

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