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Outsourced Programming

A programming specialist or external programming department able to produce even the most demanding project for your company.

Advantages of outsourced programming


Quick start

Give us the green light and we’ll ramp up within 2 weeks.

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Wide scope of competences

We adjust the team to the project's needs - Ruby, .Net, Java, Javascript, Python, React Native, Node.js, Angular, Perl, Visual Basic, Golang, C++ or C# are like a walk in the park for us.

Better fitness

Complex service

We not only code, we also provide consulting services, UX/UI projects, maintaining (SLA), servers and hosting. We can expand the team with specialists of additional technologies at any time.


Difficult projects

We come through where the other teams have failed. For us it isn’t a problem, it is a challenge.


Flexible programme contract

The contract allows the client to place orders. The client specifies only the hourly basis and order time.

Institute of Literary Research

Biobibliographical System

"ImpiCode managed the project well, adhering to the budget and taking scope changes in stride. The responsive and patient team provided actionable suggestions. Management and executives were communicative and readily available."

~Marlena Sęczek
Researcher Institute of Literary Research

Our Clients

Why outsourcing?

Based on a KMPG report, clients most often choose outsourcing services based in India (where the quality of the services usually matches the price) and, immediately following India's popularity, in Poland, which is earning an important reputation as a high-quality expert. The market for this kind of IT service is growing, as evidenced by the number of companies that specialize only in outsourcing.

The services of such companies include: software development, testing, developing business solutions in IT, IT infrastructure (including monitoring, virtualization, databases), industrial engineering.

A single outsourced expert or an entire off-site programming team is a very beneficial form of engagement. It is flexible, responsive and there is no need to qualify each employee's suitability for a given assignment. Outsourced programming works best in high-paced growth companies that have a surplus of orders or would like to develop a new solution but cannot afford to postpone ongoing work to find time for prolonged recruitment (common to many situations, those few weeks or months can save the project).

Not needing to prepare space in the office for another employee or a whole team presents yet another advantage. As a result, the company doesn’t shoulder the usual overhead costs (workplace, computer, etc.)

Nowadays, outsourcing means remote work. Of course, programmers always have to attend team as well as trategy development meetings, but this can be easily accomplished through video calls or online conferences.

To carry out the tasks smoothly, the deadlines must be set and met by us, according to the contract, during the course of the work.

Outsourced programming has many advantages and always decreases the costs of developing and supporting the finished product. When you decide to outsource programmers from a professional IT company, you gain access to capable experts and have an opportunity for flexible management of programming resources. Having delegated developing and supporting IT systems, there is no need to worry about management and improving the devs team's competencies since they are now being handled by a company that specializes in precisely that.

Outsourced programming facilitates adjustments of paid-up man-hours to the company's current needs. It also delivers direct access to experts in emerging technologies possibly not yet integrated into our client's IT portfolio. This also facilitates seamlessly expanding into other IT industries (mobile apps, IoT) or to develop new products.

As it often happens, hiring a specialist in only one technology can result in an artificial bias, even from the specialists themselves, to implement only their technology in the project, because it is consistent with competencies already in the company, even when it becomes outdated or even unsafe. We are aware of such constraints and always recommend the most suitable technologies and solutions for a given problem. This enables you to focus on your company's core functions instead of putting time into working through IT industry nuances. Usually the companies choosing outsourced programming will probably go with .NET, Java or PHP.

Programming outsourcing and hiring an in-house programmer

Often companies do not feel the need to outsource IT when they have a relatively low demand for IT services, including those that are easy to address by e.g. one full-time developer. This usually doesn't end well for the cost-conscious client. Those companies usually don't employ programmers very often, so neither their boards nor HR departments have the know-how necessary to properly assess potential employee's skills. Identifying the appropriate tech stack, and designing the software architecture is certainly outside the competencies of the average web developer. As a result, the company is left with random tools and competencies, and only those that can be supported by the knowledge of this one key employee or only the most recent IT trends. There is no question that the preferred option, in terms of quality of services, is outsourced programming. It is the outsourcing company that leases a programmer and assigns a competent manager, whose job it is to design the architecture and assure the right direction in the client's technology plan and software development. This approach makes for a perfect combination of competencies, flexibility, and cost-efficiency while developing and supporting IT systems.

You define the procedure of submitting tasks

We are flexible and will adapt to your project and time tracking management system.

You make the decisions, and we'll attend to the transparency of our cooperation.

Hiring IT specialists – Outsourced Programmers

Specialists can work on independent tasks, or provide team support. Both a single person and a team can be delegated to conduct the project. We have the knowledge and competences to build a whole team to meet the needs of your specific project. Tell us about your project, elaborate your goals, even specify your technologies if you wish, and we will provide a team that meets all of your expectations.

We excel in high flexibility and speed of action. Our clients praise our professionalism, independence, and initiative. We are expertly familiar with the specifics of many industries and their respective systems. We are able to select specialists for specific projects quickly and accurately, precisely meeting your company's requirements.

If you want to find out more about programming outsourcing or if you need a similar solution – send us a request through our contact form.

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