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Dedicated software for business is an often considered subject in organizations. Nowadays there is plenty of ready-made business related software on the market (off the shelf). Another solution that can be implemented is dedicated software created according to client's recommendations. A dedicated solution advantages the business over its competition because it is more suited to the needs and abilities of a company to implement its own innovative ideas. However, such solutions usually entail a higher initial cost. The following article considers the advantages and disadvantages of dedicated apps.

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The advantages and disadvantages of dedicated software solutions


  • The software is designed for the specific needs of a particular client. That means better customization options.
  • Over time, the system is easier to maintain and to expand with new functionalities. It responds better to the dynamically changing reality of business.
  • Integration with other company systems is much easier in dedicated systems. Off the shelf software does not usually have this ability.
  • After creating a dedicated system, most often the client acquires the rights to the source code, meaning that the client becomes provider-independent and can further develop the same software but in cooperation with another business partner. In the case of a ready-made product, a change of provider can be very costly. All the data has to be exported, processed and imported into the new system. And the new system may reflect the business processes in a different way and may require re-training of the staff.


  • Soon after deployment some dedicated systems might experience problems upon initial release. It is necessary to take into account that at the beginning errors may appear and it is normal at this stage. It is due to the fact that the users of a new system are the very first users. Not all errors can be found at the stage of software testing by developers. Off the shelf software is usually well tested by many real life users.
  • Time needed to create and deploy the system is usually longer. The off the shelf software usually can be used much sooner, but it probably won’t model all the processes and won't fully cover the specificity of the company's actions. The time needed to start deriving benefits from the new dedicated system can be reduced by gradually building and deploying autonomous modules.

Dedicated software created by ImpiCode

Here at ImpiCode we build comprehensive and easy-to-use dedicated software. We deal with IT systems of all varieties. Our company works on creating not only desktop and web but also mobile solutions. We create front-ends and back-ends; as well as the embedded systems for various platforms. We design, build, and integrate systems in the following categories:

Dedicated IT system – what you need to know

Creating dedicated software for a company requires a sophisticated preparation phase. Below is a checklist for a company considering the deployment of a dedicated system:


Dedicated programs compromise a very wide category of IT solutions for companies. They include:

In ImpiCode we build solutions fitting all of these categories.

If you want to find out more about dedicated software or need a similar solution – write to us via the contact form.

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