London Bett 2023

Magdalena Szutkowska , 14 April 2023

Basically, from the beginning of its existence, ImpiCode has had clients in the broadly understood education and research sector. We have worked and continue to work with scientists, researchers, educators, as well as with institutions dealing with education. So we couldn't miss the Bett Show 2023 in London!

Bett is one of the leading events for EdTech solutions, i.e. educational technologies. This concept includes both administrative solutions for schools and universities, teaching aids dedicated to educators, as well as gadgets and games introducing children to the world of science.

Education can be defined in many ways, it has many levels, apart from the one we most often associate with, i.e. school. You could find out about it at Bett 2023. Where we could find modern toys, simulators, games, interactive learning aids, innovative solutions to better understand certain phenomena, as well as many more products and services that cannot be easily categorized. You have to see it with your own eyes!

In addition to viewing interesting exhibitions and listening to inspiring speeches, we took part in business speed dating 😀 We had a few short but interesting meetings with people who matched us or were interested in our services.

We left London not only enriched with thoughts on the EdTech industry, but also with new business contacts.

One of the interesting implementations intended for the education of students we did, is a "robotic blacksmith" and more precisely, work on its software for the German mining and metallurgical academy TU Bergakademie Freiberg. More information here.

If you also want to talk to us about programming support for your company or startup, no matter if you are in the education industry or other, do not hesitate to write to us. ⤵️