The maintenance of the IT system

Piotr Lewandowski, 2 May 2018

Companies oftentimes maintain the old IT systems, often in outdated technologies. System maintenance and migration of such systems are not easy and involve making several important decisions.

The maintenance

Old systems have a particularly high risk of losing support and development ability. For example, it may happen that the last programmer who knew the technology, has just left the company. Sometimes also the cooperation with programming company ends up for some reason.

Such outdated IT systems can be also an “inherited” problem after the predecessor in a given position. Several times we were dealing with managers who took up jobs in new companies. They were shocked when they discovered that no one has changed anything in company key systems for twenty years. And basically there was no one who can do it.

Below you can find the actions, which you should take to make sure that the wordl is not going to end because of some old and bad maintained software.

Quick checklist

If you need a quick discern in this situation, there is a helpful checklist:

  1. Are the data backup made?
  2. Are we able to reinstall the system thanks to backup?
  3. Are you sure the system has no security gaps?
  4. Is there anyone in the company who knows the system and how it should work?
  5. Do you have a system documentation, and also the instruction of reinstall and start?
  6. When was the last time, when the system modifications was made?
Quick checklist

If the answer for any question 1-5 is “no”, it means that the system has probably the high risk of failure or data loss. If the answer for question number 6 is “over a year ago”, it is a high time to take steps to fix the situation.

The first step may be a contact with us - we provide free consultations in the field of maintenance and development or rewriting of IT systems.

What to do with the system?

There are two main options due to old IT system. Firstly, the system can be sustained. Then, it is necessary to find an IT company or programmer who can handle it. The system can be even developed, despite its old technology. Secondly, the system can be rewritten from the beginning, with the use of modern, stable and safer tools.

The answer for a question “whether to rewrite or sustain?” is not that simple. There is always a need for access to the newest things, but the most important thing are costs. Not only the costs of creating the software but also of company reorganization due to system change.

What to do with the system?

In general, the maintenance of the actual state is lower cost in the short term. The best option, when we only intend to repair current errors and develop smaller functionalities is to keep the old system. Of course it leads to necessity to find a provider who will take over the maintenance of the system. The important issues about transferring the IT systems to other providers are discussed in this article: Change of an information system provider.

But if there is a problem with the availability of specialists or the system technology goes out of use, the rewriting may be the best and the only solution. Our article can be helpful in this situation

Another intermediate solution is also to start work on the software in current form in order to make the final decision after a thorough technical diagnosis of the situation. Making patches and smaller functionalities in the system, will allow programmers for better assessment, what are costs of staying with old version and how much it will cost to rewrite it in the new technology.

Describe your problem, and we will offer you some solutions.

If you can’t make a decision or have some questions about maintenance or taking over the maintenance and development of an IT system, you can always contact with us. ImpiCode provide complex support for business systems in the following scope:

  • restoring the documentation
  • creating the backups
  • restoring instruction of system installation
  • fixing the errors
  • developing the functionalities
  • advising on which technology transfer the system to
  • dealing with rewriting and migration of the system to newer and better supported technologies
  • offering various programming services due to needs

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