Custom-made applications – ten advantages

Piotr Lewandowski, 15 June 2018

Custom-made applications
Custom-made applications

Custom-made applications is widely discussed subject in many companies. Ones consider building turnkey systems because of company computerization. Others complain about using off the shelf software. It is common thing, that company uses timeworn ERP system, which has plenty of dedicated modules. In this situation, company consider buying a new ERP off the shelf. Because previous software needed many tailor-made modules the best decision would be dedicated program.

We decided to take the floor in discussion about creating the dedicated application.

These are 10 reasons for building custom application for our company needs.

1. Adaption to existing needs

Nothing will meet our requirements as much as our own application. Many ready-make systems allow for customization, but only turnkey application allow for full implementation of business processes.

2. Easier integration with other systems

Ready-make systems often have problems with “communication” between themselves. They don’t release the appropriate API or work only with the most popular systems. If we have our own application, we can release any API outside or implement an integration with any system, e.g. storage system. If our application replace functions of several off the shelf programs, the integration can be completely useless.

3. Ability to make changes in application

After we choose our dreamed SaaS, a problem may arise. What if we have to add an additional column, but the product which we use doesn’t allow it? Then, it is a serious problem. We can’t just change used program overnight because it doesn’t satisfy us anymore.

4. Application doesn’t dictate how to work

Ready-make applications for example CRMs are problematic because they dictate own style of work. The company processes can be organized so they don’t fit into any existing system. Then, we are forced to adjust our work style to one of programs or make decision to built custom-made application.

5. If the process is changing, then just change the application

It is a situation similar to previous one. Own application gives freedom in action. If we plan a small revolution in company and have already decided for changes in way how company operates, then we can adjust to it our dedicated software.

6. Abilities of scaling

Even if our company is increasing and the application wasn’t originally created for such increase, we can still work on scaling it. Dedicated program can be prepared for bigger amount of data and users over time. It can be impossible, if we bought a program dedicated only for service of small companies.

7. Unlimited abilities of design

Custom-made application is limited only by our fantasy and budget. Besides this, there are some big opportunities to brand our own software.

8. Ability to resale the application

Custom-made application to which we have copyright, can be freely redistributed and monetized. Maybe we will transform it into SaaS and resell it to other companies in the industry?

9. Unlimited data access

Only own application has potential to unlimited reporting. We can define any indicators, KPI etc., and the developers will implement them to system. In any time collected data in the system can be exported and analyzed. Many read-make programs offer it only in limited range.

10. Satisfaction from creating something innovative

Every each one of us wants to become and innovator and likes building new things. It is known, that you can earn plenty of money and create great business on building innovative solutions.