E-Boat hackathon

Grzegorz Papaj, 30 September 2019

Just a few days ago we had the pleasure of participating in the E-Boat startup accelerator, organized by EIT Health. Our role was to support startups in the process of developing new mobile applications for healthcare, with particular emphasis on universal design.

A week aboard a schooner Kapitan Borchardt, a seagoing cruise from Gdansk to Riga at winds of over Beaufort force 6, twelve great teams, four experienced mentors, many unusual ideas, a bit of seasickness, and a lot of fun but also hard work (both with sails and with coding) made this event an amazing experience and a real adventure.

The Hackathon not only resulted in the development of new healthcare applications but also tested the characters of crew members and strengthened bonds between the participants.

It was a great time and an even greater experience.