There are many advantages of outsourcing, one of results of using that is always reduction of cost of building and maintenance of software.


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Outsourcing – why is it worth using it?

When deciding on hiring out programmers from professional IT company you get the competent engineers to work with and a possibility to individual approach to issues.
When referring the processes of creating and maintaining software to IT company you do not have to carry for managing the programming team or enhancing their skills – the ability of recruiting and assessing programming work is incomparably higher in professional IT firm. Furthermore, when outsourcing projects, you are able to fit the hours spend on the work on the project to your necessities. Sometimes it happens that when hiring out engineers form some company, you will be proposed to use some obsolete technology just because they are expert in this certain one. In ImpiCode we do not have such limits and always recommend technologies and solutions which are the best to use in solving particular issues. All of these advantages causes you can focus on your base activity instead of carrying for IT problems. Companies are most frequently deciding on outsourcing project written in following technologies: .NET, Java and PHP.

Outsourcing in comparison with keeping own specialists

Usually companies do not perceive a necessity of having one programmer working full-time as a occasion to outsource the project. Unfortunately that is a big mistake. In this case neither management office nor HR department, which is not concerned with frequent hiring IT employees, is able to correctly assess skills of certain candidates. They are often asked for choosing the technology or building the architecture of application, which skills usually fall outside qualities of an average programmer. This results in working with random technologies and devices dependent on skills of hired programmer and current trends in IT trade. Incomparably better is to use the variation of outsourcing service of professional IT company, which shares the programmer supervised by dedicated manager overseeing the process of developing software and planning its architecture. As a result you get the perfect connection of skills and costs associated with maintaining software. Moreover the company gets rid of the problem of hiring new programmer, if previous one quits the job. Hiring new programmers using external HR department is also misses the point. It is expensive and often the company gets new employee who does not meet it’s requirements. That is because HR departments operate on technologies’ namespaces and do not understand IT necessities of particular company. Finally, hired programmer advises particular solutions to make himself irreplaceable. Unfortunately it may not be combined with the best solution of certain issues, as it usually happens.

Outsourcing service offered by ImpiCode

Our offer

Outsourcing service offered by ImpiCode is accessible in several variants. We are hiring out programmers as well as programming teams. Each team has its own experienced supervisor, who can advise you which technology to use or help to design new products. On the other hand, it may be also directly supervised by your manager. Our team can form the core of IT department, work on mobile apps or ERP systems. In such a situation our supervisor takes part in studying the specification of product and helps in entering the company’s specificity in the product. He is also responsible of the process of building the software. This way of operating decreases the risk of many miscarriages of real needs, what is very common when working with programmers.

Communication and place of work

We are often asked about the place of working. Many companies complain programmers nowadays want to work only remotely and communicate only by an e-mail. As we are a professional IT company, our programmers work in our office. That is the only way to care for their development and enhancing their skills. In our office they are get help from their supervisors in range of technology, architecture of systems and optimization. However, we understand well the necessity of communication with our client and one’s IT department. In the beginning of outsourcing project it is possible to place the team in the client’s office to get used to the project and acquire essential knowledge to properly outsource it. After that it is available to organize control meetings e.g. once a week. As we understand the necessity of continuous communication with the client, we are ready for calls and teleconferences. By sending emails we set down less important aspects of cooperation and confirm decisions made during calls. By default, we use certain tools to manage the project and communicate, e.g. JIRA, but if necessary, we easily conform to tools used by the client.


When starting new project, we always set one programmer as a supervisor. His aim is to understand technical issues and client’s business specificity as well as one’s not programming requirements.
After that we assign other programmers to the project, who are trained by the supervisor.

In each project there are at least two programmers who are aware of whole specification of it. Thanks to this we can stay with the client regardless of any unexpected situations. Our purpose is to be perceived
as an IT team which is managing well by us and understands all client’s needs.


We exactly account our programmers worktime. Each month we send to the client a report which consists of time spent on the project and summary of tasks done day by day. Our service includes estimating time possible to spend on solving certain tasks. Thanks to this the client is able to control the progress of order and modify priorities of tasks what helps in retaining satisfying workflow.

Hiring out programmers – time required to start

As we do whatever it takes to face up to our clients’ needs, we are usually ready to start project in up to two weeks. In many cases it takes nearly one week to assign a supervisor who may start the analysis, solve base problems and implement important needs.

Outsourcing service – price list

Outsourcing service is priced according to:

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Types of outsourcing services

Technologies and skills

We offer services in following technologies:

Contact us only if you need support in any of technology mentioned above.

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