ImpiCode provides broad programming services, simple to complex. We are building software from the scratch as well as supporting existing code. We offer cooperation with our ambitious and experienced programmers who have had to do with loads of coding problems and demanding software. You can acquaint with our services offer presented below.


Outsourcing underlies our activity. This shall be construed as hiring out our employees on hourly rates. The nature of service may be complex and have very wide range. Not only programmers may be hired out. We offer services of all our members, whose expertise are unceasingly developed. In each project team you can find our manager who besides being properly skilled in programming and solving technical problems is also our business expert, able to handle analytical aspects of the project.

Office software

We offer many ready-made office software products such as handling correspondence, automating financial operations, accepting invoices, documents workflow, ordering system and software for construction companies and logistics. Some software we can produce using low code development InstaDB platform.

Mobile applications

We are creating dedicated mobile applications, for startups which want to amaze the world with an app for Android or iOS as well as complex and safe business apps for companies. We are also developing existing applications, administration panels and servers. We can help you in implementing an app in the shop. If necessary, we can work on obsolete technologies, e.g. Windows Phone.

React Native

React Native is a framework based on JavaScript created by Facebook engineers designed to create hybrid mobile apps running on both Android and iPhone. Thanks to this you can decrease time and money spent on the creating process up to tens per cent in comparison to the process of creating two different native apps. If you think about creating such an app, call us. We will help you in finding the best solution for you.

Share Point

Microsoft SharePoint is a platform designed to creating web systems maintained by Microsoft. We care for creating and maintaining such apps. We can help in migrating apps into SharePoint’s cloud. ImpiCode is an official partner of Nintex – software designed to efficient creating workflows in SharePoint.

Web applications

Web apps are currently a standard of building software. Everywhere it is possible to build a browser app, it is solved in that way. Web apps generate much less problems and are easier to create and develop. The advantage of them is ability to run on many mobile devices.

Desktop applications

Where it is not possible to create a web app, we advise to use traditional window apps. Despite some limits, the enable to use unlimited implementing possibilities, what result in ability to create a dedicated software. It is easier to fit the app to the device and apply better optimization. If you wonder whether it is better for you to use web or desktop app, do not hesitate to contact us.

Optimization services

We are optimizing any apps, programs and servers, helping in even hopeless cases. We can help you with slow apps, servers, overflowed databases, stumbling websites. We can handle any problem resulting in user’s too long pending for any response from website or application.

Programming audit

We are undertaking professional programming audit. We will verify the quality of code, check the app architecture, indicate errors and possible gaps in security. We may advise what to do with unfinished apps left by previous supplier.

Maintaining software

We offer maintaining software created by other companies, including correcting mistakes, adding certain modules, migrating software from obsolete and unsafe technologies into newer ones. We undertake working in unwanted technologies which no one wants or is able to work with.

External IT team service

This service is dedicated for companies which do not want to care for hiring and managing programmers. When creating at team, we assign a supervisor responsible for contact and managing the team. Our engineers care for projecting, creating and maintaining the software. We also offer advisory services. Contact us if you need engineers properly skilled in many technologies and ways of programming such as desktop, web or mobile applications.