Increase in the demand for software developers

Piotr Lewandowski , 19 October 2018

demand for software developers

According to many USA reports, there will be from several hundred thousand to over a million vacancies for programmers in 2020. The world starts to approach to this reality by several week courses for future masters of coding. The following article include analysis of this phenomena, which can be seen in the industry or will be seen and which show that the market tries to remedy programming shortages.

Artificial intelligence

AI is pattern for solving higher level problems. At this moment, it often provides approximate solutions and doesn’t guarantee their correctness, but its advantage is that we create solutions by devoting computing power to them, and not the time of developers who would have to dive into the problem. The AI approach to solve problems by programming, can significantly decrease the programming resources needed to aproach many problems. Now, the biggest threat to this technology is lack of predictability how many resources we need to get meaningful results and the lack of guarantee of solutions correctness.


There are plenty programmers on the market who finished only basic programming courses. The demand for IT services is so strong, that there is a place in business for programmers who only have basic technical knowledge. This market challenge to formulate the process of teaching engineers and defining job places in dev team.

New generations of programming languages

Increased demand for developers means, that business will make more and more efforts to increase the power of an individual programmer. It should lead to the development of research to create new programming languages or meta-programming which allows to minimize the number of lines of code to express a solution, in turn reducing development time.

New generations of IT products

As the cost of programmers’ work time increase, there will be more ideas to create products which will help in building an IT system without or with minimal involvement of the programmer. The example of such products is WordPress or other CMS. We should observe the emergence of an increasing number of system generators. It will be a new generation of programs which offers greater possibilities and wider range of use. It will be adapted to support more clients and data than previous solutions. Generator will be oriented for scaling up and integration with other solutions without developers help.

Libraries, SaaS, Cloud

Developers uses many tools and libraries at work. Many of this technologies e.g. linux, apache, nginx have high quality and are shared for free. There has been always a problem with commercial sharing of libraries. It’s too easy to get illegal copies here, and until recently payment interrelated with degree of code usage model was impossible. Today, the cloud provide great model for commercialization of programming libraries, APIs etc. Google cloud provides the speech recognition service in the form of API. Easy monetization of libraries makes their creating and sharing very profitable business. Equipping developers with such powerful tools means that an individual programmer is able to create more in less time.


The demand for developers will still increase all around the world and the IT companies try to adapt to it. In the following years, we will see big changes in IT ecosystem in many dimension. If your company have demand for developers, please contact us via contact form below.