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Document workflows

Electronic document management systems are one of the most used systems in medium and large companies. In the classic sense, they are created to replace the flow of paper documents. However, it may be different in practice - the flow of an electronic document is intertwined with the flow of a paper document. Often, both versions exist in the organization in parallel.

At the same time, there are more and more circulations that do not have (and never have) their paper representations. These types of solutions are usually referred to as workflows.

On the other hand, document flow in the public sector is usually based on chancellery instructions, which are a set of rules for dealing with documents. Usually, an integral part of the instructions is also the Uniform Material List of Files, which is the standard of classification used in the document archive.

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Implementation of the workflows

In the vast majority of cases document workflows are unique for a given organization. After all, the main goal of this type of systems is not to impose certain solutions or processes, but to facilitate and improve those that the company has already developed.

For this reason, document circuits are systems based on two pillars:

In ImpiCode, document workflow implementation is usually based on the InstaDB platform. Its most important advantages include high flexibility, stability and ease of mapping real workflows and documents, as well as a number of built-in tools available to users.

We precede the implementation with a detailed analysis of existing company processes, interviews with key employees of the organization and a series of functional mockups that allow testing of designed solutions. Our software deployers don't limit to implementation of customer guidelines, but actively look for process improvements and submit optimization proposals for approval.

Examples of document workflows

The most frequently implemented workflows include:

In addition, workflow systems often involve a document records that allows company documents to be registered and shared in a strictly controlled manner.

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