The process - This is how ImpiCode works

An efficient process is the key to providing the highest quality of software and to add value to companies that invest in software as part of their strategy. Our process is based on the industry's best practices.

We are constantly improving and maintaining our flexibility to be commensurate with the requirements and preferences of our business partners.

We have consistently found that an adequately responsive process results in a net effect that comprehensively reflects our client's expectations.

The process 1


The first step in our process is to crystallize an idea in order to prepare a detailed project specification.

The process 2


We create a solid foundation for bringing your idea to life. We make, at his stage, many of the more important decisions of our engagement, and, based on these, we go on to create the first pass of our specifications.

The process 3

UI / UX design

At this point, we create experiences that will develop from the users' contact with your product.

The process 4

Solution programming

At his stage, the vision begins to manifest into reality. We create all the necessary mechanisms that will perform the functions prescribed in the specification and create experiences described during our work with the UI / UX design.

The process 5

Performance improvement and tests

We test all created mechanisms and their proper operation on all platforms.

The process 6


When the project receives a positive quality assessment and gains acceptance by the client, the deployment process starts, meaning the beginning of the project’s lifecycle. At this point, together we work towards the project's end and the next stage begins.

The process 7


During the administration phase, we make sure that the solution that we produced together works properly and is up to date. We advise about the deployment of new elements and we show our client how to further develop the project.

The process 8


This is the stage at which we wish to be with every client because the very transition to its implementation means that the deployed vision has been accepted by the market and met with interest by the target group. We are pleased to create new functionalities and improve the operation of existing ones.

Effective work

The process carried out in this way significantly increases the efficiency of work and reduces the cost of software development. As a result, the work goes smoothly, without unnecessary outages and other disruptions that may delay the delivery of the final product. See and check our range of services.

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