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Optimization of a back office system

When Bank New BFG S.A. became our client, it was still called Podkarpackie Cooperative Bank. The name changed with the restructuring of PBS Bank.

New BFG Bank targets both individual and business customers. It offers modern services, which include an electronic banking system, e-lending, a mobile application that allows you to manage funds and make payments using a smartphone. In addition, New BFG Bank is one of the few banks in Poland to offer its customers the option of biometric banking. In this way, the bank's users are able to withdraw money from an ATM or open a new savings account by authorizing operations with just a finger.

Bank New BFG has been a regular customer of ours since 2018. How highly the Bank values our services is best demonstrated by the fact that whenever, it struggles with some technological problem, it immediately turns to us for help.

For example, we can describe such a situation. At some point, the customer noticed that one of its internal systems supporting the bank's operations was starting to run slower and slower. This was particularly noticeable in the case of one very important calculation process, essential for the proper functioning of the Bank. Not only did the process take several hours to complete, but it did not always produce the correct result. The customer asked us to find the source of the problem, solve it and optimize the process time.

We started our work by conducting an in-depth analysis of the system. It turned out that the system was written in old versions of PHP and Java, plus the source code was incomplete. So we had to decompile the JAR files so that we could later analyze the decompiled code. Thanks to this, we found the reasons for the appearance of erroneous results quite quickly. Our specialists removed all the errors occurring in the process, updated the PHP and Java codes to newer versions, and optimized the process. The client was very satisfied with the results of our work, which accelerated the key calculation process more than 100 times. A process that used to take a whole day now takes only a dozen minutes. Our technological solution contributed to the smooth and efficient operation of the client's system.

New BFG Bank cooperates with us all the time and asks us to expand or modify various internal systems (the Client has its own intranet, consisting of several components created in different technologies). At the client's request, we built an auxiliary script for the administrator. The script allows all data to be retrieved from a single folder and made available to a specific user.

Another problem that Bank New BFG approached us with was the malfunctioning of the Intranet. When an employee was transferred from one department to another, all data in the system was moved from one section to another, and no information about the employee remained in the abandoned section. The client was very keen that all documentation be retained in the original section. Our specialists quickly dealt with the problem and built a solution to make the system work as the client wanted.

We are currently supporting the technological processes of the New BFG Bank. The client turns to us whenever they encounter technological problems or want to innovate the system. The client appreciates in our employees above all having high competence, expert knowledge and good communication skills. Fruitful cooperation is confirmed by the references provided.

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ImpiCode is a trustworthy business partner. The company's employees are highly experienced and highly competent. Communication with the project manager is at a high level and does not pose any problems. Programmers efficiently and with full professionalism carry out the tasks set before them, thereby contributing to the improvement of internal processes at PBS.

Andrzej Dubis, Director of the IT Department PBS
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