Vector Controls is a company that has been operating in the Polish market since 2002. It provides ticket control and debt collection services for penalty fees. In addition, it offers such services as checking the punctuality of arrivals and departures of the bus drivers, as well as monitoring the quantity and flow of passengers. It is worth noting that Vector Controls’ services are already in use in a number of cities in Poland.

Vector Controls wanted to minimise the number of errors resulting from the use of the traditional debt collection system, which involved issuing paper tickets and later entering them into the backend system. For this purpose, they sought a company that could create a mobile application for registering tickets. Initially, the client was assisted by another software company, which, however, failed to complete the task. The only element that the previous provider managed to produce was an application that was not fully functional, using the somewhat outdated Xamarin technology.


Vector Controls approached us to complete and improve the mobile application. They were very keen on fully integrating the application with the backend system. Additionally, the application had to support critical functionalities in the offline mode and support printing via Bluetooth.

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After discussing the issues with the client and understanding their needs, we decided to replace the Xamarin technology with a native Android application, since they only needed this one platform.

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Additionally, we enhanced the application with previously unimplemented functionalities, improved the user experience and optimised its performance.


The controller using our solution has access to an application, through which they can input data related to the passengers travelling without a ticket and issue them a fine. The biggest advantage of our application is its full integration with the backend system used by the client. This means that all information entered into the application is directly transmitted to it. Another improvement of the application is the ability to find passenger data in the system and input it directly into the application. If someone travelling without a ticket is caught again, after entering the basic data, such as first name and surname, the application will find them in the system and automatically complete the previously entered information. Other functionalities include automatic entry of the event location and the ability to document incorrect tickets to avoid conflicts and disputes. It is also worth mentioning that our team accomplished integration with portable Bluetooth printers.

The application provides the following functionalities:


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Vector Controls owes its established position in the market primarily to the use of a dedicated application that streamlines the process of registering fines and subsequent debt collection.

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Controllers can immediately print fines by connecting the mobile application to an external thermal printer. Vector Controls also enables cashless payment to the controller for the fine received.

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Thanks to the integration of the application with the back-office system for fee registration and debt collection, information about the payment is immediately placed in the backend system.

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In case of problems with internet connection (which is not uncommon during work in public transport), data is buffered in the application and transmitted to the system immediately after regaining network access.


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