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NowaLed is a well-known Polish manufacturer of LED fittings intended mainly for large-surface production and storage facilities. The company has been on the market since 2013. NowaLed not only produces industrial fittings but also provides lightning installation and modernization services, as well as offers the implementation of an intelligent lighting control system based on DALI standard. The quality of products and services offered by the company is confirmed by the TUV Rheinland certificate. NowaLed was listed in 2020 on the prestigious Financial Times 1000 list that showcases the one thousand fastest-growing companies in Europe.

The company came to the conclusion that the specialized program used by their engineers when configuring the lighting system using the DALI protocol had too many functions, tools, and other elements that are not used at all. The process of navigation through a complicated interface unnecessarily extended the work of engineers and reduced their efficiency. This situation was particularly noticeable in large orders involving the installation of several thousand fittings. To optimize their engineers’ working time, shorten the process of configuration, and reduce installation costs, the company asked us to create a dedicated program containing only the elements and functions used by the company. NowaLed wanted the program to work with their proprietary lighting control system and that the configuration procedure would suit the engineers’ work model as closely as possible.

NowaLed commissioned ImpiCode to create the desktop application WPF, having all of the desired functions for configuring the lighting. Our solution focuses on mapping the actual work process of engineers. It guides the employee step by step through the installation and configuration procedure, making sure that no important element has been skipped. The application is intuitive, easy to use, and also significantly reduced the time required to configure the lighting of even very large industrial facilities, leading to a reduction, as well, in the costs of the entire operation.

The element distinguishing our solution is the introduction of the possibility to add new functions that meet the requirements and needs of the client. The NowaLed company pointed out that the lighting configuration in most warehouses is very similar. That’s why the concept emerged naturally to create features for saving the configuration to files and using them in the future in the same or even in other objects. Thanks to this improvement, the process of lighting hall configurations, in which the lighting control systems are similar, is now even faster and more efficient.

The challenges we faced concerned the transfer of documentation by the driver from the DALI network. The driver did not work properly due to a software error. Our experts developed external driver software that bypasses this problem and allows the controller to seamlessly upload the document.

Our experts perfectly understood the client's needs and created the IT solution that precisely contributed to the convenience of engineers as well as efficiently reducing the time cost of their work. NowaLed remains very satisfied with the desktop application and cooperation, as evidenced by the references they have provided.

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NowaLed ILL, a producer of industrial lighting, confirms that ImpiCode has made the WPF desktop application for managing our proprietary lighting control system. The course and manner of implementation of the task fully met our expectations. We also appreciate the atmosphere of cooperation and professionalism of all people representing ImpiCode and participating in the application development process. We are pleased to recommend Impicode to everyone facing the task of creating desktop applications for their projects.

Bogdan Mykytei, Vice-president of the Board, NowaLed ILL Sp. z o.o.
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