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VSMS - Virtual Safety Management System

Virtual SMS offers a comprehensive safety and risk management system for the aviation industry. The company web application supports the high safety standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The system is available in both the SaaS and on-premises models. The users of the web application appreciate the company mainly for the low costs of introducing and maintaining the system. The aviation industry operates non-stop and, accordingly, the company offers technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One of the clients of Virtual SMS is the Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (LPR = Polish Medical Air Rescue).

The client reached out to us for help in finishing and extending the safety and risk management system for the aviation industry. As part of cooperation with V-SMS, we took charge of the maintenance and development of the system. Additionally, we adapted and implemented the system to the infrastructure of the Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe. The system enables the unit to manage reports and information about incidents and security problems. In accordance with LPR’s requirements, we made all the adjustments to the system, and then configured and adapted the system to the unit's network environment. We also created an automatic daily data import from LPR to V-SMS, adjusted the imported data to the V-SMS system format and carried out the data import procedure for all users. As a result, both systems efficiently exchange all the necessary data.

Additionally, we added new functionalities and add-ons to the system. The most important is the creation of separate forms for reporting safety problems on land and in the air, and building a data reporting module for the place, cause, and a number of accidents. The newly created module is used not only to report but also to analyze data from reported problems and accidents.

To sum up, in cooperation with Virtual SMS, we have taken steps leading to the improvement of the system. First of all, we carried out several optimization processes and added new functionalities. We helped the company to deploy the system in the customer’s infrastructure, integrated it with other systems, installed and launched production services, and, finally, we took charge of the organization of DevOps procedures.

We are proud that thanks to our work, important processes have improved and the safety of the Polish Medical Air Rescue has increased, thus contributing to the professional and safe service for patients. The V-SMS system not only minimizes risk factors but also improves team communication. Virtual SMS is very pleased with the cooperation with ImpiCode, as evidenced by the references they’ve provided.

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Virtual SMS is a web-based application primarily created based on ICAO requirements and currently includes over 30 modules. It is an integrated solution providing a suite of tools to manage safety, risk, business continuity, and quality. Demonstrating compliance with the requirements using V-SMS is simple and quick

In October 2018 ImpiCode undertook the task of the maintenance and development of the system. ImpiCode employees demonstrated top-class skills and efficiency, ensuring the smooth operation of the Virtual SMS application.

Cooperation with the ImpiCode Team is extraordinary and simply professional. ImpiCode programmers are highly competent, responsible, and able to efficiently solve technical problems. ImpiCode is definitely a reliable partner and they have demonstrated that they can get things done.

I highly recommend ImpiCode Sp. z o.o. as an excellent partner and a competent provider of software outsourcing.

- Marek Lewandowski
Właściciel Virutal SMS

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