Virtual SMS is a company offering a comprehensive safety and risk management system in the aviation industry. The company provides a web application that allows maintaining the high safety standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The system is offered in both SaaS and on-premise models. Users of the web application appreciate the company primarily for the low costs of system implementation and maintenance. The aviation industry operates non-stop, so the company offers 24/7 technical support. One of Virtual SMS’s clients is the Air Medical Service.


The client approached us to complete and expand the safety and risk management system in the aviation industry.

Our Manager on the Project

As part of our collaboration with V-SMS, we took over the maintenance and development of the system. Additionally, we adapted and implemented the system for the Air Medical Service infrastructure.

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The system allows the unit to manage reports and information on incidents and safety issues.


In accordance with the requirements of the Air Medical Service, we made all the necessary adjustments to the system, then configured and customised the system to fit the network environment of the unit. We also created an automated daily data import from the Air Medical Service system to V-SMS, adjusted the imported data to the V-SMS system format and conducted the data import procedure for all users.

Additionally, we extended the system with new functionalities and extensions. The most significant ones included the creation of separate forms for reporting safety issues on land and in the air, as well as the development of a module for reporting data on the location, cause and number of accidents.

The newly created module serves not only for reporting but also for analysing data related to reported issues and accidents. As a result, both systems effectively exchange all necessary data.

The system was developed using the Django framework, which is ideal for creating business software.


As part of working with Virtual SMS, we undertook actions to improve the system. Primarily, we conducted several optimisation processes and added new functionalities.

Our Manager on the Project

We helped the company implement the system in the clients’ infrastructure, integrated it with other systems, installed and launched production services, as well as organised devops procedures.

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We are proud that our work has improved significant processes and increased the safety of the Air Medical Service, hence contributing to providing professional and safe patient care.

Client Feedback on the Project

The implementation of the V-SMS system not only minimises the risk factors, but also improves team communication.

autor Marek Lewandowski, Owner Virutal SMS
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